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If you have a love of children, pets, particularly larger dogs like Dobermans and a zest for educating the kids at a young age, then you should download my latest eBook on Kindle from Amazon.com called Our Pet Dobermans.  Based on real life experiences with my 3 sons, enjoy the first in the upcoming book series.

Below is a quick snapshot of the first release of  “Our Pet Dobermans” which has 50 fully illustrated pages for you and your child(ren) to enjoy.

Ready for School
mom and dobermans

In the morning, Jason and Kizzy get ready for School.

Off to the Bus
catch the school bus

Jason and Kizzy take Thomas and John to the School Bus.

School's Out!
dobermans outside

Jason and Kizzy race to pick up the Boys after School.

Oh No! Mark's Gone Swimming
in the swimming pool

Mark doesn’t know how to swim yet!

Kizzy's Trip to the Vet
at the vet

Kizzy ends up at the Vet.

Is it a Toy? No it's Kizzy's Plastercast!
kizzy's plaster cast

The boy’s keep Kizzy’s Plastercast.

Dad Comforts Thomas and John
boys in bed with dad

After the Burglar scare.

Jason jumps through the Window
broken glass window

Jason hears a Burglar and jumps through the window.

Our Pet Dobermans at Amazon
book cover

“Our Pet Dobermans” is a great illustrated eBook, grab your copy today.