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    Our Pet Dobermans - About the Author

    Born in Scotland, UK, Joanna has been an entrepreneur and a loving Mother all of her life.  From top runway modeling to busy mother of 3 active boys in her twenties, she migrated to Africa with her first born, her husband and a suitcase having never been overseas (unless you call Ireland overseas!).  This would be the beginning of a new world, a new life and where she raised her 3 boys during their early years.

    Our Pet Dobermans, the first of this series, is a reflection of her time in Africa with her family, boys and 2 dobermans, Jason and Kizzy.  After many years of reading to her own children and grand children, Joanna has released this first book on Amazon.

    Once you have downloaded and read the book, Joanna would love to receive your feedback, comments and how your children interacted with you.  Enjoy Our Pet Dobermans and thank you for visiting.

    Real picture of Jason and Kizzy taking boys to the school bus